Octavia’s War

Recently I have read and listened to a number of enjoyable historical novels. They are such a great way to learn about history as they often deal with the daily lives of ordinary families. This makes them so much easier to relate to.

I have just listened to Octavia’s War by Beryl Kingston on CD - talking book.  Octavia was the principal at a girl’s school in London.  At the onset of the Second World War she had to make the difficult decision to evacuate her pupils to the English countryside.   Four million school children were evacuated from London by train in 2 days, an amazing number.

The story also dealt with the terrible bombing of London which involved members of Octavia’s extended family and the disbelief, followed by the realization of Hitler’s brutality.  With all this happening there were still many happy moments in this book. Even though there was a war going on, people still fell in love, got married and had babies.

Julie B.

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